Storage Drawers


We hated drawer storage units. Drawers didn’t work smoothly or at all and it wasn’t long before of all kinds of unwanted, smelly, dirty, and hairy crap found its way into the drawer. We didn’t like that that you couldn’t add or remove drawers to a welded box without a lot of trouble or that you had to buy a drawer AND box because you couldn’t add it later or take it off.

So, we fired up the computer (and the lasers, and the CNC press brakes) and designed and built our own.

Our storage drawers are the first fully modular storage system available to the dog hunter. These drawers can be added to any of our boxes at any time by the owner and removed just as easily or they can function as a stand-alone storage unit without a box. Stand-alone drawers are a great addition to the rear of your SUV.

  • Our storage units feature a full cabinet which eliminates the problems with other bottom storage drawer units. Dirt, mud, hair, water, and urine cannot migrate to the drawer as with other boxes that only have a single panel between the dog and the drawer.
  • Revolutionary design allows drawers to be stacked on each other and/or placed on the top or bottom of the box.
  • Entirely made from .080 aluminum.
  • Stainless steel locking paddle latch.
  • Cabinet grade, heavy duty ball bearing slides. Drawer can be easily removed from the cabinet and reinstalled.
  • Full perimeter drawer face weather seal.
  • All stainless steel hardware

Part numbers and sizes (all dimensions are L-W-H):

DEL-326 External 46” X 43” X 8” Drawer 23.82” X 38.33” X 3.91” $228

DEL-327 External 46” X 38” X 8” Drawer 23.82” X 33.20” X 3.91” $228

DEL-427 External 30” X 41” X 9” Drawer 28.75” X 36.33” X 4.91” $228

DEL-383 External 38” X 47” X 8” Drawer 29.8” X 42.4” X 3.91” $228

DEL-389 External 38” X 38” X 8” Drawer 29.8” X 33.9” X 3.91” $228

DEL-430 External 34” X 25” X 9” Drawer 28.75” X 20.36” X 4.91” $200