DEL-412, 3-Door Fox Hunter


Description is as follows:

This is the largest box we make. It is  designed for 3 full size dogs. It has fully adjustable vents on the rear, sides, and doors for all-season, all-weather hunting. The interior dividers are vented also (non-adjustable) so that the center compartment gets plenty of fresh air. This pricing includes the box and bottom storage drawer. The box comes with pads, top lizard skin insulation and tight grip clips to easily secure your box in the bed of your truck.  Top rigging rack is available for this box.

Interior Compartment Dimensions: 46.88” L X 16.35” W X 3 compartments
Exterior Dimensions: 47” W X 47” L X 22” H Weight: 120 lbs (box and storage combined)
Compatible rigging rack: CALL

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