DEL-372, “38 Special”


This box is like Goldilocks, not too big, not too small, but all-season hunting done JUST RIGHT. 38” square and a low-profile 19” high makes for a trim, but still very roomy box. Fits in the back of our in-house 2016 Toyota 4Runner with the seats folded down, this is also a good choice if you have a large tool box or fuel tank mounted in your truck and need a shorter length box. The 19” height fits under the bed rails of full-size trucks and still makes for a good size box even with bottom storage drawer added. Easy to manage at 49 lbs.

Inside Compartment Dimensions 37.87” L X 19.36” W
External Dimensions/Weight 38” W X 38” L X 19” H 49 lbs.

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Compatible Storage Drawer: DEL-389
Compatible Rigging Rack: DEL-384